Entretien What can I do with smelly shoes?

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If you spend the entire day out in the cold while wearing your plea­surably warm shoes, your feet will usually work up a sweat. By the time evening rolls around, your nose may be in for a shock. But there is a fast way to take on smelly shoes. The simplest trick of all: expose them to fresh air. The cold is a great bacteria killer. Frequently, the only thing you have to do is leave your shoes out in the frosty cold for 30 minutes. You can certainly bring in more fragrant artillery if you would like, things like a shoe deodorant or fragrant tissues. You can find them at health and beauty shops. If you cannot place your shoes outside or stop by your nearest health and beauty shop, you can simply draw on items in your own household. Things like a dried-out tea bag that you can place inside the shoe. The tea bag will emit its own pleasant fragrance.