Sur le terrain Street Strolls

Photo avec la SEATTLE GTX QC, Everyday Shooting Dresden 2018

Where can I do it?

We have a microad­venture in mind that you can start right from home. Simply walk out your front door and work your way around the neigh­bourhood. You will be surprised by all the hidden things that your city has to offer.

What do I need?

To prevent blisters and wet feet, we recommend that you wear snug shoes that will not cause friction kilometre after kilometre and will keep your feet dry if it starts to rain. Snug clothing that is appro­priate for the weather is the only thing else that you will need.

You will need to write down a list of streets or use a map to make sure that you know where you are.

How much time do I have to plan for the outing?

Tough question: It all depends on where you live. Do you live in a big city or a country village? The number of streets will differ widely, but anything is possible! Simply start walking. You do not have to cover all streets at one time.

Extra tip: Street strolls, an adventure that you can naturally change and vary. How would you like to roam around all lakes, castles and forests in your region?

Hand-drawn vector drawing of Roads View From Above. Black-and-White sketch on a transparent background (.eps-file). Included files are EPS (v10) and Hi-Res JPG.