T1 easy hike
Startpunt van de tocht:
Herren­rü­tiboden by Engelberg
Eindpunt van de tocht:
Herren­rü­tiboden by Engelberg
03:00 uren
6 km
60 m
510 m
Good footwear, hiking attire, rain gear, sunscreen, sunglasses, rucksack, hiking poles, food and beverages.

Engelberg is located in the heart of Swit­zerland and can be easily reached from any direction. The community itself bears all of the markings of its long cheese-making tradition. Engelberg is the site of the Alpine Cheese Trail, a route that leads hikers to eight cheese dairies and teaches them everything they need to know about cheese production and the end product itself. One of these dairies is Alp Surenen, where the likable Florian Spichtig passi­o­nately and expertly produces award-winning cheese. In our hiking video, he shares some of the secrets of his handiwork, infor­mation that will fascinate many more people than just the little ones. Along the way, a hike on the Alpine Cheese Trail offers a brea­thtaking and spec­tacular mountain backdrop – just like the family-friendly single-day stage that leads from Fürenalp to Alp Surenen. To ensure that children have as much fun as possible during the hike, families can hop abroad one of the regional trains known as “Buiräbähnli” to make the trip to Fürenalp and from Usser Äbnit to Stäfeli. As hikers walk along a river called the Engel­berger Aa on their way home, they will certainly have enough time to cool their feet in the soothing water or create their own stone figure on the riverbanks.


Herren­rü­tiboden near Engelberg (1083 m) – with the Buiräbähnli train to Fürenalp (1844 m) – follow the hiking signs to Usser Äbnit (1665 m) – descent with the Buiräbähnli to Stäfeli (1392 m) – return to the starting point by following the hiking path along the Engel­berger Aa

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