Marvin Kuhr

Nature holds a very special place in Marvin’s work, shaping his photo­graphy in a unique way. At 28, he lives in the city of Leipzig, but his heart beats far away from the noise of the city and concrete jungles. For Marvin, true fulfillment means being in nature – whether it’s hiking on lonely trails, kayaking on mountain lakes, or simply being on the shore of a Norwegian fjord, where he captures the beauty of the world with his camera.

Speci­a­lizing in outdoor and landscape photo­graphy, he colla­borates with clients from all over the world to create inspiring images. Marvin has a passion for capturing the beauty of Scan­di­navian nature and the pictu­resque mountain lakes of the Alps. His photo­graphs often depict brea­thtaking landscapes, clear lakes, glaciers, and majestic peaks. With his art capturing the unique atmosphere of these places, Marvin contributes to conveying the beauty of these landscapes and telling their stories.